NOCHILL Exchange is a convenience service within The Arena.

You may tip the bot some AVAX, and it will deliver NOCHILL to you within 3 minutes.

  • Tip the account at least .01 AVAX

  • This bot uses a Trader Joe’s API to market buy NOCHILL at market price

  • This bot then sends the NOCHILL back to you as a tip


  • It only works one way. You cannot send NOCHILL to this account and get AVAX back

  • It only can receive AVAX. Please don’t send other tokens

  • There is a small service fee charged to maintain the bot operation

  • This is an alpha software. The NOCHILL team is paving the way once again

Collected fees are used to add to NOCHILL LP and burned. This process is manual, but we try to do it whenever the balance exceeds 10 AVAX. We have no intention of profiting from this service.

See burn history here: Burn Tracker

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